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Why We Invested in Archetype

ai to the physical owrld
Read more Archetype, who's bringing intelligence to the physical world.
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Archetype featured in Wired Magazine

ai to the physical owrld
Strange portfolio company, Archetype, is featured in Wired magazine.
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BLNG featured in Vogue Business

ai to the physical owrld
Strange portfolio company, BLNG AI, is featured in Vogue Business.
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Our flagship Design Partnership program for deep tech founders

At Strange, we invest both capital and creative capital.

We pair Design Hackers and Creative Coders with our founders to leverage design to form the foundations of a generational company. Bringing together creatives and technologists can spark truly catalytic ideas— and create remarkable breakthroughs.

The first Strange Studio is in SF and as always, on the internet.

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Be matched with our teams of Design Hackers and Creatve Coders to crack product and growth.
Access our global network of creative leaders and outliers as mentors and champions.
We go beyond a warm intro. Partner with leading creative enterprises and developers in our community.
Share your vision with a curated group of customers and investors at our Strange Summit in an authentic way.
Access to Strange Studio, a coworking space for founders and other creative technologists.