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From Strange to Transformative

We partner with founders as early as possible. By being the first creative partners to bold, technical entrepreneurs, we collaborate with and champion them as their ideas progress and evolve from ‘strange’ to transformative, time and time again.

At Strange, we believe in backing the audacious, the unconventional, and the seemingly strange. Our investment strategy isn't just focused on the next big trend, but on profound paradigm shifts in technology stacks and human behavior. We actively seek out bold companies that dare to question the status quo and reimagine the world as we know it today.

We know that the most transformative ideas often seem peculiar in the beginning. Our mission is to fuel those courageous enough to explore new frontiers, those who not only adapt to change—but drive it.

Portfolio Companies

A more creative & collaborative future

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Creativity is what’s needed the most in the face of change. The speed of innovation will be faster and more disruptive than ever seen before. Harness the wave—not with fear— but with creativity.
AI is flipping the world as we know it today, inside-out.
We believe that rather than displacing, AI augments human creativity and creates space for new experiences, markets, and opportunities.

Industries we’re tackling

Art, Media, Entertainment

  • Creative Composition & Production
  • Distribution & Monetization
  • New Licensing Infrastructure
  • AI IP Assets

Software  & Enterprise SaaS

  • No-code, Low-code, Assisted code
  • Parametric & Volumetric Design
  • ML Ops & Infrastructure
  • Observability & Fine-tuning

Professional Services

  • Marketing, Branding, Consulting
  • Future of Search & Advertising
  • Research & Productivity
  • Security & Compliance

Gaming & Education

  • New Experiences & Networks
  • Empowering User-Generated Content
  • Community Platforms
  • New Publishing Paradigms
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The most transformative ideas often seem ‘strange’ or unconventional when they first emerge. As creative outliers ourselves, our 'strangeness' doesn’t just set us apart —it allows us to target and attract ventures with the potential for outsized impact and returns.

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Partnering With Founders
From Post-it to Exit

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Tara Tan

General Partner
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“Tara is an early champion. From day 0, she believed in our vision and provided valuable guidance, helping us close our first round of funding and establish a strong foundation for future growth.”
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Kor Kajanaku, Founder & CEO, Layer
“Tara is an investor who just gets it. She see things differently, and as a fellow creative, can articulate things in our vision that others may not be as quick to get.”
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Arjun Mehta, Founder & CEO, Worlds
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Teck Chia

Venture Partner
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Jacob Waites

Design Partner
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Christian Ervin

Design Partner
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A research & design studio
Strange Studios

We bring together 'strange bedfellows'—creatives and engineers, artists and technologists—in the belief that these unique collaborations can spark truly transformative ideas. The first Strange Studio is in SF and as always, on the internet.

Be A Strange Fellow

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